Morrisons Fuel Cards

Morrisons fuel cards, or fuelGenie, introduce incredible potential advantages for your company that derive from: price discounts, elimination of bureaucracy and range of use. The disadvantage of Morrisons fuel cards, for businesses especially, is that it does not offer payments on vehicle maintenance or repair costs.

Morrisons Fuel Cards for price savings

Morrisons fuel cards can generate unbelievable savings for both individual drivers as well as businesses. Savings of up to 3% can be made on fuel at each point of purchase, meaning that the potential savings on long haul trips can be dramatically reduced. Futhermore, Morrisons fuelGenie does not limit itself to one type of fuel but instead offers savings on petrol, diesel and other fuels found in most petrol stations. These advantages mean that companies can bring a new level of cost efficiency to their enterprises, especially if they rely on a large fleet for the running of their business.

Fuel Account Bureaucracy

Morrisons fuel cards, or fuelGenie, also allows businesses to get rid of layers and layers of unneeded, wasteful bureaucracy. This is achieved by eliminating the individual cash receipts generated at the point of cash fuel purchase as well as the numerous expense forms that are accumulated as a result of many fleet journeys. Instead of this costly administration, a single invoice is sent to your company each month from Morrisons, detailing every expense and cost in one simple and easy to handle format. The cost cutting potential that Morrison fuelGenie can bring for large and small businesses is incredible, as not only does it cut down the amount of money spent paying the staff who manage the fuel receipt administration, but businesses may even be able to reduce their total number of staff!

Cheap fuel cards – Accessibility

Another advantage of Morrisons fuel cards is that it boasts a wide range of possibilities for use. Not only can you accrue all the great savings and benefits at Morrisons stores, but you can even use your fuel card at other supermarkets around the country. In fact, the fuelGenie card can be used at 975 locations around the United Kingdom. This effectively means that you or your fleet are never more than ten miles away from a fuel source where you can make incredible saving. This broad accessibility has to be one of the great advantages of Morrisons fuel cards as it perfectly compliments the cost efficiency and savings advantages discussed earlier.

Morrisons Fuel Cards disadvantages

One of the key disadvantages of Morrisons fuel cards is that they only really act as fuel cards. Some other companies offer fuel cards that not only cover fuel costs at the point of purchase but also cover the costs of any vehicle maintenance or repairs that may be needed along the course of a journey.

To find out just how Morrisons fuel cards could benefit your business and your bottom line, why not use our simple form to get free quotes and easily compare fuel cards from different suppliers?

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